Storage Tips

General Packing And Storage Tips:

  • Use good quality storage boxes.
  • Tape the bottom of the boxes with heavy duty packing tape. This will prevent the bottom of the box to open during the move and damaging your belongings.
  • Heavy items should be packed into small boxes so that they are easy to lift.
  • Fill boxes to capacity, partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse.
  • Label boxes for easy reference when you need to locate your goods. Place your label on all sides of the box.
  • Place a pallet on the concrete floors. Do not place boxes directly on concrete When packing boxes, try to limit the weight to 30 lbs. or less per box.
  • Even on cement floors use pallets or skids to prevent moisture absorption.
  • Do not use newspaper to pack with. The ink may smudge off on your items.
  • Leave a small space between the goods stored and the storage unit's walls.
  • If storing wool items, use cedar ships or mothballs to prevent moth damage.
  • Never store anything in sealed plastic bags. The humidity will cause damage to your goods.
  • Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home.
  • Plan your storage space- put those items that you need to get to most often near the front, close to the door. Store frequently used items at the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them.
  • If possible, leave a Walkway to the Rear of the Unit ' this provides better accessibility to all your items.
  • Disassemble furniture and other items such as bed frames to maximize space.
  • Stand mattresses and sofas on end.
  • Place heavy or bulky items in the unit first to provide a good stacking base.
  • Use your bureau drawers as packing space. Many small fragile items can be stored safely in your dresser drawers surrounded by blankets and pillows.
  • Do not stack heavy or folded objects where they could shift or collapse when you move or need access.
  • Always place a protective cover over your soft furnishings (mattress sets, sofa, recliners, etc.).
  • Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses.
  • Take advantage of the tops of dressers and the like to stack boxes and other items.
  • Put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light ones on top.
  • To maximize space, stack similar sized boxes together.
  • Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing; remember to fill the bottom of the wardrobe box with shoes, pillows, or other light items.
  • Garden equipment should be cleaned before storing.
  • Cover your goods with dust sheets to protect against dust.
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